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In this section of this web site we will display questions about chapters that are entirely related to our reading. The purpose of this section is to offer our peers an opportunity to evaluate their knowledge of every chapter in the book. If you wish to be evaluated or to receive any feed back please post your answers in discussions. I hope that we can all learn from each other in this section.

Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 2 Quiz

Chapter Quiz 1 and 2 by Chrys300c and edited by McLOVIN-Fogle.

Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 3 quiz by McLOVIN-Fogle.

Chapter 4&5 Quiz

Chapter 4 and 5 Quiz by By Ooh-lala.

Chapter 6 Quiz

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Chapter 7 Quiz

Chapter 6 and 7 Quiz by mynameisian.

Chapter 8 Quiz

Chapter 8, pgs.130 to 122.
Chapter 8 Summary

Chapter 8 Quiz completed and edited by Chrys300c.

Chapter 9 & 10 Quiz


Chapter 8-9 quiz when it asks for your name, give your username

Chapter 11 Quiz

by mynameisian

ESSAY QUESTIONS Chapter 1~3 (By Ooh-lala)

Pick at least 3 questions and answer them.
  • Why do you think the author started with Gene grown up?
  • Why do you think Finny put a piece of pink tablecloth on?
  • Why would have Finny made the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session? Do you think he made it only to break school rules?
  • What are the reasons you think Finny is creative? Explain why.
  • Why do you think that Gene is being so insecure to Finny? Give some examples and to support your answer.
  • What made you to think of Finny when he told Gene not to tell anyone about him breaking the school swimming record?
  • Why do you think Gene was so jealous about Finny?
  • Do you think that Finny was also jealous about Gene? Why?

Chapter 12 Quiz

( pgs.178 to 194)

CHAPTER 13 QUIZ Chapter Summary 13 http://aseparatepeace.wikispaces.com/Chapter+13 mynameisian