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  • Gene is motivated mainly by being accepted by Finny. When Phineas wants to do something, and Gene doesn't, he goes along anyway so that his best friend is happy with him. In other words, Gene does anything Finny can think of. For example, Gene is motivated to go to the beach with Finny. This is not because he would break the rules and not be in time for his test, but because Finny wants to. Gene doesn't want to let Finny down, in a way. I think Gene is mainly motivated by Finny and competition. Gene will do anything Finny tell him to because in a way, Gene admires Finny and doesn’t want to let him down. Gene looks at Finny like a very respectable person and he is not going to risk losing Finny’s friendship. Gene is also motivated by competition because when he thought Finny was competing with him, he decided that he was going to be best in his class. He proposed to it and did it. Even though Finny wasn’t really competing, Gene set his mind in winning and actually got to be best in his class.


  • I think that at this point in the book, Gene is motivated by helping Finny. Since it was his fault for crippling Phineas, Gene ows it to him to do whatever Phineas can't. He feels as if it is his job to help Phineas. Maybe not his job, but he knows it is something he should do. In fact in the book, it says: "I thought the issue was settled until at the end he said, 'Listen pal, if I can't play sports, you're going to play them for me,' and I lost part of myself to him then, and a soaring sense of freedom revealed that this must have been my purpose from the first: to become a part of Phineas." pg 85. Basically this is saying that Gene has to be a good friend and help Phineas. This quote can also be seen in another way. It is also saying that he wants to be a part of Finny. In other words, he is loyal to Finny. Gene is now getting ready for the Olympics. He didn't really plan to do this, but he is being motivated by Finny. Maybe he did want to do it, but it had never ocurred to him. The whole training things was Finny idea, and it defintely motivated Gene.


  • At the end of the book, Gene is motivated, as always, by Finny. This is because when Finny fell again in the marble floored room, Gene breaks the rules and sneeks to the infirmary to see Finny. Even though Finny was mad at Gene, he went there and made sure Finny was fine. After Finny died, I think Gene was motivated mostly by danger. This is because he decided to enlist in the most dangerous part of the army, the part where he would actually fight. I think this was because he didn't feel like anything mattered anymore so he would fight for the war and for Finny. I think this because when Finny died, a part of Gene also died because he said he felt they were connected in a way. So even though Gene never fought because the war ended before he could even put his uniform on, he risked his life for Finny.
    At the very end, Gene is still motivated by Finny. The problem is that Finny is no longer there for him, because of what happened in the surgery...
  • Gene has always been motivated by Finny it seems. At the end, he mostly wants to make sure that Finny isn't angry or resentful towards him for all that Gene had caused him. And as always, he is motivated by his friendship with Finny. When Phineas falls again after what he heard from Brinker and Leper, Gene still goes to see if he's okay, even when he knew he'd be extremely angry with him. When Finny died, Gene was motivated by Finny's death and enlisted in the army, where he'd actually fight. Even though he never went to war because it ended, he was brave enough to want to try, and it was because of his friend that he wanted to do that.